Session Outline

As a 168 years long history company, in order to remove the majority of manual efforts to collect trends, information, and data, we would like to demonstrate how Levis identified the most trendy fits, fabrics, and colors for a selected season using AI Machine Learning solutions (Nature Language Processing and Computer Vision) on top of fashion data (texts and images) in one and a half days Hackathon.

Key Takeaways

  •  what is a cutting-edge fashion forecast solution in the fashion industry?
  •  how do NLP on text and CV on images help each other for fashion forecast?
  •  how a traditional retail company fast digitize as a data-driven AI-leading fashion company?


Speaker Bio

Alberto De Santos – Senior Data Scientist | Levi Strauss & Co.

12+ years’ experience in applying advanced analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for actionable business decisions, with a strong in-depth theoretical knowledge of statistical procedures (supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, transfer learning and active learning). Passionate about innovation and disruptive ideas based on data and algorithm. This innovation has derived into interesting products such as music creation with AI, data soundification and education.

Filipa PELEJA -Lead Data Scientist | Levi Strauss & Co.

Filipa Peleja is the Levi Strauss & Co Europe Lead Data Scientist at the Data Analytics AI team. She has always been enthusiastic about technology where she first stepped into the tech world as an undergrad in Computer Science and later Ph.D. in the Machine Learning domain. Her academic accomplishments were recognized with the 1st prize of an industry challenge from a telco and publications in international conferences among which, top tier conferences like SIGIR and ACL.

Vicente Jose RIVES – Senior Data Engineer | Levi Strauss & Co.

I was born in Salamanca, Spain, and I have a sister. I went to Bristol, UK, for my year-abroad during university. After two years there, I moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I did a PhD on Experimental Particle Physics. After that, I joined the private sector and I have worked in a few companies, working in very different businesses. I really like Big Data and the idea of extracting as much information and insight as possible since I think it helps understanding the world we live in and it can provide better experiences for everyone for different aspects in life. I love travelling, sports and I am always trying to learn new things!

Qiang MENG – Senior Data Engineer | Levi Strauss & Co.

Qiang Meng is a data engineer at Levis Strauss & Co. leading a team involved in building future data platforms across the entire fashion value chain from design and production to customer experience.
In the past, Qiang worked on the Big Data Platform at H&M Group and Softbank Robotics Europe. Qiang also shared data engineering understandings in Data+AI Summit Europe 2020.


October 16 @ 12:00
12:00 — 12:20 (20′)

Day 2 | M8 | Machine And Deep Learning Stage

Alberto De Santos – Senior Data Scientist, Filipa PELEJA -Lead Data Scientist, Qiang MENG – Senior Data Engineer | Levi Strauss & Co., Vicente Jose RIVES – Senior Data Engineer