Session Outline

During this session, I will discuss current practices as well as challenges of acquiring data from different users and making it accessible for ML pipelines.

Key Takeaways

  • How to use data from users
  • What infrastructure is needed for processing data
  • How to abstract data and use in ML models
  • Challenges and concerns with processing user data

Speaker Bio

Nastaran Ghadar | Engineering Manager | Twitter
An experienced engineering manager with a PhD in computer engineering and focus on computervision and machine learning. I have a passion for building products that change the way we live by directing end to end designs from concept to market. I have more than five years of experience in leadership and overall more than twelve years of experience in computer vision, image processing,machine learning, development, and testing. I have led and worked on several projects in different areas of computer vision, image processing, machine learning, biomedical engineering, and robotics.

October 16 @ 15:30
15:30 — 15:50 (20′)

Day 2 | M3 | Data Engineering Stage

Nastaran Ghadar | Engineering Manager | Twitter